Electric Cars

An electric car can be defined as any automobile that is powered and therefore propelled by a single or multiple electric motors and that stores its energy in rechargeable batteries. There are different models of electric vehicles in the market from different vehicle manufacturers.

Electric vehicles have gained popularity in the last decade and their uptake is expected to increase drastically in the next few years. This has partly been driven by the realisation that these vehicles are kinder to the environment and have cost benefits. We explore these environmental benefits, why more manufacturers are developing an electric vehicle line and the benefits of installing electric car charging points at home

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Why are electric cars kinder to the environment?

Electric vehicles do not emit smoke and other substances emitted by fuel powered vehicles. This means that they reduce the level of air pollution in the world. Air pollution is one of the greatest contributors to global warming and climate change. By using these vehicles, we can protect the earth from further damage.

Electric vehicle manufacturers compound the environmental benefits of these vehicles by utilising recycled materials to make some of the car parts. They also promote the use of green power to recharge the vehicles through installation of such things as solar panels on the roof of the vehicle.

Why are manufacturers making more electric cars?

Electric cars usually utilise a smaller amount of fossil fuels during their manufacture. This reduces the cost of manufacture since fossil fuels are usually expensive given their short supply.

There are great incentives for organisations that create environmentally friendly products and services. These include tax incentives, licensing and higher ratings compared to non-compliant competitors. This has driven many car manufacturers to develop vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient.

In addition, clients are looking for products that service their needs while contributing to environmental preservation. Manufacturers, being majorly driven by client needs, have to comply or lose market share. This explains the increasing interest in making electric vehicles across vehicle manufacturers.

Importance of an electric car charging point at home

Charging the vehicle to full capacity may take some time and this may be hard to achieve in a public place. One of the most convenient places to recharge the vehicle is at home. Therefore having a charging point at home is preferred.

Having electric car charging points at home also ensures that you can charge the vehicle overnight or at your own convenience. This promotes efficient use of your time.